Bids Are Invited For Activity Based Lab , Name Plate ----Newton S Cradle, Phase Of Moon, Eclips, Seasons, Telescope, Ball And Ring, Heat Conductivity, Hydraulic Press, Inclined Plane Model, Simple Motor, Wind Mill, Magnifying Glass, Bar Magnets 50Mm *10Mm *6 Mm, Led Torch, Prism 38*38 Mm, Right Angled Equilateral Prism, Eduilateral Prism 50Mm*50Mm, Concave Mirror, Convax Mirror, Concave Lens, Globe, Curcuit Board, Mathematical Model ( Geometrical ) Meter Sacale Half Meter, Pendulum, Wind Wheel, Ac / Dc With Motor, Solar Kit, Solar Fan, Solar Pump, Electroscope, Day Night Models, Connecting Vires 10M, Led 1W, Magnetic Compass Etc Total Quantity : 30

Tender Notice


District Panchayat



September 24, 2022

Key Value

75 Lakhs

75 Lakhs

75 Lakhs