CCTV Camera Tenders,Gujarat

Home Department has invited Tenders In Gujarat, For layer 2 Access Switch, Networking / Server Rack, Cat 6 Patch Panel, Cat 6 Patch Cord, Cat 6 Information Outlet, Cat 6 Cable For Indoor Use, Fiber Cable For Networking, Fiber Optic Patch Panels, Rack Mountable, Small Form- Factor Pluggable Transceiver, Supply & Installation Of Pole / Mast Suitable For Cctv System ( Accessories ), Pigtails For Fiber Cable Connection, Fiber Optic Patch Cord, Insulated-electrical Conduits Pipe-Is 9537, Plb-Hdpe Duct For Ugarmoured Optical Fiber Cable, Camera For Cctv System, 44 X IP Ptz CCTV Camera, Laying & Installation Charges For cables ( With Or Without Conduit ) Suitable For CCTV system (Accessor Total Quantity: 24480.


INR 90 Lakhs/- is the Tender value of This Tender.


The tender Due Date is 15-03-2021.


See TDR27085280 for more details.

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