The government of Gujarat Issued a guideline to be followed to get of eProcurement Tenders in Gujarat.

A complete guidelines & procedure available at the following link-

As per the Government guidelines, the basic procedure & process to get the eProcurement tenders in Gujarat.

  1. Read the Notice inviting Tender (NIT) / Tender documents carefully.
  2. Focus on the Publication of NIT.
  3. Complete the Registration process of contractors legally in Gujarat.
  4. Digital Certificate and Digital Signature should be kept ready in advanced.
  5. Form a team for Evaluation of the project.
  6. Generate the Payment of cost of Tender documents
  7. Now Submit your Bids to the government.
  8. Fulfill the Payment of Bid Security ( Earnest Money Deposit).
  9. Wait for the Technical bids / Price bids opening by the government.
  10. Processing of Tenders and Signing of agreement.

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