Labour And Employment Department : Gujarat

Bid Number: GEM/2021/B/978152

Eligibility Criteria :

  • Bidder Turnover (Last 3 Years) – 63 Lakh (s)
  • OEM Average Turnover (Last 3 Years)  – 189 Lakh (s)
  • Experience Criteria  – 3 Year (s)
  • Past Performance – 50 %
  • The bidder should not be under liquidation, court receivership or similar proceedings should not be bankrupt. Bidder to upload undertaking to this effect with bid.
  • Specification :
  • Performance Parameters : Type of Drill Machine  – Pillar,  Type of Work Table – Rectangular,  Drive – Belt Drive, Drilling capacity in Steel having 600 Mpa tensile strength (mm) – 20, Drilling capacity in Cast Iron (mm)  – 20, Tapping Capacity in Steel having 600 Mpa tensile strength (mm) – 12.0, Spindle Travel  – manual,  Spacing of T Slots (mm) –  12.0, Discharge of Coolant Pump at max working height (Liter per min) – Any applicable numeric value, Machine Vice Arrangement –  Swivel Base,  No of feed  – 0, Pillar length , (mm) – 1100.0 Pillar Diameter (mm) -74.0, Travel Horizontal (mm/min)  – 0,  Normal Size of Machine Vice (mm) – 80, Cutting Speed (m per min) – Any applicable numeric value, Type of Feed – Manual Feed, Feed (mm per rev) ,if manual feed put 0  – 0, Distance between centre of spindle & pillar front (mm) – 205.0, Distance Between Spindle and Base Plate , Max as per IS :7764 with latest amdmnt (mm)  – 915.0, Motor Output (hP) -1.0, Auxiliary Motor  – Yes, No
  • Standards : Conformity to standards for purchase specification for Machine Tools , Part 6 Bench /Pillar type Drill Machine – IS : 6893-6 (1985) with latest amndmt.,  Geometric and Practical Drilling machine Accuracy as per IS 2425 & IS 2426 with latest amndmnt – Yes, Mechanical Gurading as per IS : 9474-1980 with latest amndmnt.- Yes, Frame Size and Mounting for Motor as per IS : 1231:1974 with latest amndmt – yes
  • Dimensional Parameters : Weight of Drill Machine with Electrical and Standards accessories (kg) – 110.0, Maximum weight of the job including fixture that can be loaded on the work table (kg) – 50.0
  • Additional Accessories – Drill Chuck with arbour and Key  -Yes, Drill Reduction Sleeves  -Yes
  • Requirement : Speed Range : 86-3300 RPM, Spindle Nose : MT-2, Working Surface of Base : 265 x 220 mm Machine Base : 470 x 290 mm Motor Capacity : 3 Pahse, 440V with D.O.L. Starter, 1440 RPM Cooling System With Tray and Outlet R/F Switch, Drill Drift
  • For fulfilling the experience criteria any one of the following documents may be considered as valid proof for meeting the experience criteria:

a. Purchase Order copy along with Invoice(s) with self-certification by the bidder that supplies against the invoices have been executed

b. Execution certificate by client with order value. c. Any other document in support of order execution like Third Party Inspection release note, etc

Document Required :

  • Experience Criteria, Past Performance, Bidder Turnover, Certificate (Requested in ATC),OEM Authorization Certificate, OEM Annual Turnover, Additional Doc 1 (Requested in ATC),Additional Doc 2 (Requested in ATC),Additional Doc 3 (Requested in ATC),Additional Doc 4 (Requested in ATC) *In case any bidder is seeking exemption from Experience / Turnover Criteria, the supporting documents to prove his eligibility for exemption must be uploaded for evaluation by the buyer
  • Bidders can also submit the EMD with Banker’s Cheque in favour of Accounts Officer, Directorate of Employment & Training payable at GANDHINAGAR. Bidder has to upload scanned copy / proof of the BC along with bid and has to ensure delivery of hardcopy to the Buyer within 5 days of Bid End date / Bid Opening date
  • BIDDER/OEM must have Dedicated/toll Free Telephone No. for Service Support.
  • Bidder/OEM must provide Escalation Matrix of Telephone Numbers for Service Support
  • The bidder or the OEM of the offered products must have ISO 9001 certification
  • Wherever Authorised Distributors are submitting the bid, Manufacturers Authorization Form (MAF)/Certificate with OEM details such as name, designation, address, e-mail Id and Phone No. required to be furnished along with the bid

While generating invoice in GeM portal, the seller must upload scanned copy of GST invoice and the screenshot of GST portal confirming payment of GST

For Online Bidding Support : Call 9724912470 / 9898060200

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