Ministry Of Railways – Gujarat

Eligibility Criteria :

  • Minimum 50% Local content required for MII compliance
  • Technical Specifications:
  • Brand Type:  Registered Brand
  • GENERIC: Size of Cable (in 16.0,  Number of cores (nos):  3.5, 4,  Cable Type: PVC outer Sheathed FR of Type ST-2 cable FR Grade C1 Category having heat resisting insulation of PVC compound type C with aluminum conductor suitable for rated voltage at 1100 volts grade and conforming to IS: 1554 Part-1 1988 reaffirmed 2005,  Armouring – Galvanised steel Strip armoured,  Armouring Type – single wire or strip armouring,  shape of conductor – Stranded and Shaped
  • CONSTRUCTIONAL CERTIFICATIONS: Material of conductor- Aluminium EC Grade, standard cable length on a drum – 500 meter for cable size up to and including 185 sqmm.

Availability of Type test report from Central government/NABL/ILAC accredited laboratory to prove conformity to the specification for minimum and maximum ratings. – yes

  • Delivery Days: 45

Specification for Cross linked Polyethylene insulated thermoplastic sheathed cables” is as per IS: 7098 (Part 1):1988 with latest amendments including amendment no.5. Manufacturer shall furnish calculation sheet as per Appendix-C of IS: 7098 (Part 1):1988 amdt., no.5 to buyer/consignee on demand. (Gem Category: Cross linked polyethylene and XLPE insulated PVC outer sheathed cable with aluminum conductor suitable for rated voltage at 1100 volts grade and conforming to IS: 7098 Part-1 1988 with latest amendment including amendment no.5)

Document Required :

  • OEM Authorization Certificate *In case any bidder is seeking exemption from Experience / Turnover Criteria, the supporting documents to prove his eligibility for exemption must be uploaded for evaluation by the buyer
  • Scope of supply (Bid price to include all cost components) : Only supply of Goods

On behalf of the Buyer organization, any one of the following Inspection Agency would be conducting inspection of stores before acceptance:

Pre-dispatch Inspection at Seller Premises (applicable only if pre-dispatch inspection clause has been selected in ATC): RITES Post Receipt Inspection at consignee site before acceptance of stores: CONSIGNE

For Online Bidding Support : Call 9724912470 / 9898060200

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