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An Competitive Bidding has been invited for Supply of PSA Nitrogen Gas Generator: Total Quantity – 2 Set(Gujarat) in Institute For Plasma Research

Eligibility Criteria :

  • Experience Criteria  – 3 Year (s)
  • Minimum 21% Local content required for MII compliance
  • Delivery Days- 60
  • Specification : 

1 Capacity – 750 LPM or higher 

2 Purity  – 98 % or better

3 Outlet Gas Pressure – > 5 kg/cm2

4 Air Compressor – Suitable direct drive type Oil injected screw air compressor. Kaeser/ Atlas copco or Equivalent

5 Air Dryer – Dryer of the suitable capacity to produce dry air at 3 degree C PDP

6 Filtration system – 3 Stage filtration system

7 Feed Air Quality as per ISO 8573 – Class 1.4.1

8 Number of Filtration – 3 Stage Filtration

9 Outlet Gas Temperature – Ambient (room temp. i.e. 25 C at NTP)

10 Output port – Suitable output port should be provided along with flow regulator & sensor and pressure regulator & sensor

11 Surge vessel – Suitable surge vessel should be provided along with system

12 Storage tank – 4m3 storage tank which can store 20 Nm3 Nitrogen gas @ 5 kg/cm2 pressure

13 Dual air tank (wet and Dry) – Yes

14 Material of Valves and Instrument Tubing used in generator –  SS304

15 ECO mode – The eco mode should trigger in case there is no usage of Nitrogen and plant shall not consume any air to save the electricity.

 16 Percentage Gas Analyzer – Percentage gas  analyzer should be there and in the event of the gas going below 98% purity. It should give annunciation, display error on the screen and completely shut down the system.

17 Input power – 415 V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz

18 Duty of operation – Continuous duty (24 x 7 continuous operation)

19 Control Panel – PLC & 7-12” HMI based fully automatic operation ( i.e. Siemens, Allen Bradley, Schneider electric etc.) with standby PLC provision for auto change over

20 Remote operation – Provision should be provided on control panel for Local/Remote operation of system for all indicators, display and controls. 0-10V/4-20 mA signal will be sent from remote SCADA/PLC system for Pressure and Flow control while provision of 0-10V/4-20 mA signal should be provided on control panel for Temp., Pressure, Flow etc. display on remote panel.

21 Display & Switches –  Inlet air pressure, Outlet air pressure, Nitrogen purity, Interlocks, Start, Stop etc.

22 Interlocks – High inlet temperature, Low air pressure, High pressure in receiver etc.

23 Emergency stop – Emergency stop push button should be provided in front of control panel

24 Safety release valve – Safety release valve should be provided at each stage of gas generator which will automatically operate beyond safety limit

25 Standards – Pressure vessels: ASME Sec VIII Divn. I/ IS 2825 Flanges : SA 105 B 16.5 ASA 150 should be followed by instruments NDE OF VESSELS AS PER ASME SECTION, VIII, DIV.I OR EQUIVALENT APPROVED IN INDIA 26 Warranty – 12 Months from the date of acceptance

Document Required :

  • Experience Criteria, Certificate (Requested in ATC),OEM Authorization Certificate, Additional Doc 1 (Requested in ATC),Additional Doc 2 (Requested in ATC),Additional Doc 3 (Requested in ATC),Additional Doc 4 (Requested in ATC) *In case any bidder is seeking exemption from Experience / Turnover Criteria, the supporting documents to prove his eligibility for exemption must be uploaded for evaluation by the buyer
  • Material Test Certificate Should Be Sent Along with The Supply. The Material Will Be Checked by Buyer’s Lab & the Results of the Lab will be the Sole Criteria for Acceptance of the Item.
  • The bidder or the OEM of the offered products must have ISO 9001 certification

Wherever Authorised Distributors are submitting the bid, Manufacturers Authorization Form (MAF)/Certificate with OEM details such as name, designation, address, e-mail Id and Phone No. required to be furnished along with the bid

Psa Nitrogen Generator- Gem- TDR 26520199– Feb

For Online Bidding Support : Call 9724912470 / 9898060200

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