Supply of Stapler Pin ( 400 box ) : Vadodara, Gujarat

Eligibility Criteria :

  • Technical Specifications:
  • Brand Type:  Registered Brand
  • Material of the Pin : steel
  • Size: Size Designation -10,  Crown Size (mm)-  1
  • Dimension: Thickness of Pin (mm):   .4, 0.4,  Width of Pin (mm) -2,  Length of shank (Leg) (mm) – 4
  • Packing: Number of Pins in a strip (Nos) : 50, 25,  Number of strips in a box (Nos):  20, 10

Delivery Days: 15

Document Required :

  • Availability of Service Centres: Bidder/OEM must have a Functional Service Centre in the State of each Consignee’s Location in case of carry-in warranty. (Not applicable in case of goods having on-site warranty). If service center is not already there at the time of bidding, successful bidder / OEM shall have to establish one within 30 days of award of contract. Payment shall be released only after submission of documentary evidence of having Functional Service Centre.
  • Successful lowest bidder has to provide detailed cost break up of tendered items as well as buy back items separately after award of contract through email to the government buyer/consignee.
  • The seller of new item /service provider shall deposit the cost of invoiced buy back item with GST to the buyer for allowing seller to lift up the material from the buyer/consignee premise.
  • Transportation of buy back items from buyer premises shall be arranged by the seller itself without any extra cost.
  • Government Buyer organisation /consignee will issue invoice of buy back items to the seller at the cost of buyback to be indicated to the buyer by the seller offline after receipt of order. This in no case will modify the bid in any manner.
  • The seller will be entirely responsible for the safe disposal of old items without affecting the environment in any manner as per prevailing statutory rules and Act/ law of the land.
  • The seller may visit the site and inspect the condition of buy back item in advance before quoting for the bid.
  • Receipt of payment by the buyer for Old items and invoicing by buyer will be out of GeM portal.
  • Government Buyer will upload the details of old goods along with the bid in the corrigendum with minimum price.
  • If the minimum price (Optional) is indicated and sellers of new item who are not agreeing to take back the old item at equal to or above that minimum price should not participate in the bid.
  • Scope of supply (Bid price to include all cost components) : Only supply of Goods
  • Note: This clause of ATC shall be operated by non PFMS; non GPA buyer i.e. all PSU working through their ERP and not integrated with GPA.
  • The successful bidder shall remove the old goods from the premise of the Government buyer/consignee at the time of the supply, installation and commissioning of fresh goods. Seller will be entitled for payment only after removal of old goods from Government buyer/consignee/user’s premise and after supplying the fresh goods in terms of contract.

In case they participate into the bid and afterwards indicates the price of old goods, less than the minimum price shown by Government Buyer in corrigendum, EMD of the bidder will be forfeited.

For Online Bidding Support : Call 9724912470 / 9898060200

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