Gujarat State Electricity Corporation Limited : Gujarat

Eligibility Criteria :

  • Tender Fees : Rs 500=00+18% GST i.e. 90=Rs 590.00
  • Validity of rates: 120 days from the date of opening of Technical Bid.
  • Party shall have to submit Guarantee / Warranty certificate along with supply for 18 months from date of supply or 12 months from date of commissioning whichever is earlier or as per OEM Guarantee/ Warrantee norms whichever is higher.
  • Party shall have to give minimum 5 years Warranty for compressor
  • Party shall have to supply the Split AC machines along with copper pipes, drain pipe minimum 3 meter each per AC machine free of cost
  • Make – Hitachi, Blue Star, Samsung, LG, Mitsubishi.
  • Capacity – 2.0 Ton.
  • Star rating – 3 Star.
  • Power – 230 V, Single Phase, AC, 50 Hz.
  • Type of Split AC – Wall mounted.
  • Type of compressor – Rotary.
  • No. of indoors and outdoors – 1 indoor and 1 outdoor.
  • No. of compressor – 1.
  • Refrigerant gas – R-32/R-410.
  • Condenser & Evaporator coil – Copper.
  • Remote Control – Required.
  • Air swing/Direction flow – Required.
  • Temperature control – Digital.
  • Auto Restart – Required.
  • Timer – Yes.
  • Filters – As per OEM standards filters according to respective models.
  • Split AC along with Stand along with all accessories required.
  • Anti Freeze Thermostat – Required.
  • Party shall have to submit detailed technical specifications & catalogue of the offered split air conditions along with their Technical Bid.
  • The Bidder, who submits their Bid for a minimum quantity, as specified below for which the firm participated, shall only be considered for price evaluation for particular item.
  • Tender Value : Up to 1 Cr. : Minimum quantity to be offered by – For MSME bidders: 100% , For other bidders: 100%
  • Tender Value : Above 1 Cr up to 5Cr. : Minimum quantity to be offered by – For MSME bidders: 50% , For other bidders: 50%
  • Tender Value : Above 5 Cr up to 10Cr. : Minimum quantity to be offered by – For MSME bidders: 25% , For other bidders: 40%
  • Tender Value : Above 10 Cr up to 20Cr. : Minimum quantity to be offered by – For MSME bidders: 20% , For other bidders: 25%
  • Tender Value : Above 20 Cr up to 35Cr. : Minimum quantity to be offered by – For MSME bidders: 15% , For other bidders: 25%
  • Tender Value : Above 35 Cr. Up to 50 Crs : Minimum quantity to be offered by – For MSME bidders: 10% , For other bidders: 25%
  • Tender Value : Above 50 Cr. Up to 100 Crs. : Minimum quantity to be offered by – For MSME bidders: 05% , For other bidders: 15%
  • Tender Value : Above 100 Crs. : Minimum quantity to be offered by – For MSME bidders: 2.5% , For other bidders: 10%
  • Delivery Period:
  • Sample Submission for approval: N.A.

Bulk Supply: Within 02 Months from the date of issue of LOI.

Document Required :

  • Tender shall not be opened without payment of EMD & Tender Fee. Please furnish details of EMD & Tender Fee paid on cover.
  • Following Original or notarized documents in Gujarati, Hindi or in English language, whichever applicable are to be attached in triplicate :
  • Partnership Deed or Memorandum of Article of Association
  • Audited Balance Sheet of last 3 years
  • Valid factory license (for manufacturer)
  • Registration Certificate
  • ISI / BIS / International Licenses.
  • List of Machineries installed for manufacturing tender item/s
  • List of testing equipments (must have been calibrated up dated) for tender items/s
  • List of Orders executed along with details of highest single value order give the name of purchaser, order No. & date of supplies.
  • ISO 9001 Certificates
  • PAN No.
  • GST Registration No.
  • Telephone and Electricity Bill (Photo Copy)
  • Type test report for each rating/size of items to be registered not older than 5 Years.
  • Approved plan of factory
  • If premises are on lease base / rental base, registered documents are required.
  • Name and address of all the Partners / Directors.
  • The complete details of Partners / Directors involved in other company.
  • Declaration from the prospective vendors that, none of the partners or Directors is either a partner or on the Board of an entity, which is in default to GUVNL or any of its subsidiaries.
  • Performance reports, if any
  • Audited Accounts and  financial turnover of last three years of the firm
  • PENALTY: Any delay that may take place in supply and / or erection, testing and commissioning activities beyond Contractual cutoff date/stipulated period in the order shall be subjected to penalty (not liquidated damages) at the rate of 1/2 % of the contract price/order price per week or part thereof plus GST as applicable on delayed portion or part thereof subject to a maximum of 10 % plus GST as applicable of the total contract value/order value on delayed portion (i.e. End cost including GST & Cess as applicable).

Payment Term: You shall have to accept GSECL Standard Payment Terms and Conditions i.e. 80% FOR Destination Price from the date of receipt of material against TRC within 30 (Thirty) days on verifying required documents as per A/T conditions, amount of GST and applicable cess will be kept under retention till submission of documentary proof of payment of GST or till reflection of payment of GST pertain to respective bill amount in GST Return for concern Order after due verification and balance 20% of FOR Destination Price within 45 (Forty Five) days on receipt of Store Receipt (SR) Note from the consignee.

For Online Bidding Support : Call 9724912470 / 9898060200

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